Project progress…


Project prep

Prepping canvases for a project! I’ve been away from my studio for too long. I’ve let exhaustion from my day job eat into my art time and I didn’t realise how much it’s been getting me down. But I’m back! Watch this space!

I’m back!

I’ve been away for a while, mainly because my app wasn’t working and I’m lazy. But I’m back and today I blew the dust off my acrylics and did this little blinder: Kangchenjunga.

Litter, litter everywhere, and not a drop to drink…

Today my partner and I went out for a climb and a little wander out in the Peak. I decided to take my new litter grabber. I’d got it because every time we go out we always grab a handful of rubbish off the ground but I thought I’d do it seriously. The first place we went to we didn’t get much litter (orange bag). Good! But then we headed to the Fox House parking and wanted to go to Burbage Valley. But by the time we had walked the path by the road to the Green Drive path (usually a 5 minute walk) it was nearly dark, taking us about 40 minutes because there was so much rubbish (the white bag). The picture actually shows the bags after I’ve taken the recyclables out. They were full to the brim. It was a great feeling getting all of this out of the Peak District, but we saw so much more on the drive home. I’m definitely going to make this a regular thing when I’m out. If you want a job to make you feel good I suggest you give it a go!