Great Sheffield Art Show!

I’ve written today’s blog post over on my Patreon, just to change things up! Click the link below to check it out!


Folksy all the way!


Etsy who? Well, not quite.

Does anyone else on here sell on Etsy? Is anyone else having problems with the new Payment Account? Well, if you’re not then lucky you. Apparently this is meant to simplify our lives, but instead is set to complicate it to the point of distraction.

For example, the other day I sold one of my £7 prints (yay!) but when I went to update my bookkeeping record, I found I had 10 items for that 1 sale to list (a breakdown of all the fees and vat and vat on the fees…). I had another sale this morning (yay!) and had the same problem.

Lucky me, I had another sale an hour later and actually sighed. That’s right, within 3 sales, Etsy’s new ‘simplified’ payment account has got me DREADING hearing the Ker-ching sound on my phone! How silly is that!

But to add insult to injury, Etsy have been slyly automatically re-listing my items when I have set it to manually reset! That’s not a big deal, I hear you cry. Well, they charge me every time an item is relisted, and if I only had one left and they relisted it without me knowing, and then someone bought the unavailable item I would have some unhappy customers. An for sure Etsy won’t reimburse be to de-list. It smacks of sneaky.

So I am being pro-active and getting my Folksy shop spick and span ready for Christmas! You can check it out here:

and as a thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, here is a code for 10% off my Folksy shop, valid until 31st Dec 2018:


You’re welcome.

I’ll  probably keep Etsy going in the back ground until my listings run out, and maybe I’ll keep a few items in there and try to direct people to Folksy for my full range (as unfortunately I have my Etsy shop URL plastered all over my cards…)

If you are having problems with Etsy, contact them for sure, but also consider Folksy, who also don’t charge commission fees on postage, unlike Etsy.

Meowy Christmas!

They have landed in my store FINALLY! After creating them because SO MANY people were searching for Cat Christmas cards on FOLKSY store, they’ve finally arrived!

In each pack there are four different designs of cats in different festive backdrops! Definitely a PURRFECT card for any cat lover!

Check them out here:

Please consider me when buying your Christmas cards, because as in freelance artist every penny really does count!

Thank you!!



The ‘c’ word…

CHRISTMAS! I’ve got NEW CARDS on my Etsy! Please go and check them out and consider me when buying your Christmas cards and gifts, because as a freelance independent artist every sale, no matter how small, really makes a difference!

(Some even newer designs coming from the printers soon!)

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SLICE – Inktober 2018: backstory

Inktober – backstory: SLICE.

The cake lay on the side where it had been cut, ready for the birthday boy. She’d had such hopes about today being a step towards reconciliation. Sure, their relationship had never been easy, but where else was she going to go? He’d came in angry about something. Her back was turned to him as she put the freshly cut slice of cake on a plate. She closed her eyes and breathed.

“What the hell is that?!” he sneered.

She picked up the knife to cut herself a slice. He came up behind her and angrily spun her around.

“I said…”

The knife in her hand pushed into him as easily as through the cake. His shocked eyes looked down to his stomach and then into her eyes as he fell to his knees, clutching the knife. She screamed and ran out into the street, the cake still laying on the side, ready for the birthday boy.

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JOLT: Inktober 2018- backstory

Inktober – backstory: JOLT

It sounded like a loud, explosive POP – and it sounded close by. The lights had all gone out in Paul’s room and he could hear his flat mates shuffling around complaining about the same problem. He opened his door with a jolt and saw them there on the landing exchanging quizzical looks.

“What on earth was that?!”

“I don’t know but it didn’t sound good -is everyone ok?”

“Yeah – hang on, no, where’s Sam?”

They headed downstairs to look. In the kitchen they found Sam laying on the floor – unresponsive. They rushed over to see if they could help. On the floor not too far away lay the kettle, the electrical base hung over the worktop beside them – hanging by its broken cord which was now black and burned.

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Zinetober people

Zinetober – people!

Dave is actually people too…

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