Drawgust and some more unasked for advice

I've decided to take part in #drawgust over on Instagram and Facebook. It's an unspecified drawing a day. Today's effort is a green tomato. I never used to be big into 'fads' like this, but it is actually such a good way to get at least one drawing done a day. I might not be pleased with the results, but I've put pencil to paper and fulfilled the brief. And that feels awfully good. Today's drawing led me to create a ream of other tomatoes in different mediums, just to try it out.
You know, lately I've been watching lots of videos giving advice for artists from artists. One thing I've picked up on and will take with me is to allow some room in your life for the shit drawings. The crap that makes your inner perfectionist shout 'WHAT THE F•€* ARE YOU DOING?!' and want to throw it in the bin immediately. DON'T! Everyone creates crap sometimes. And it's good, as you can look at it and go 'Well that didn't work. I'll try again and learn from that". It's ok to sometimes shoot a dud, as long as you learn from it, it is the foundation of greatness. Just keep going!


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