Inky harbour

Here is my latest ink. It’s capturing Tobermory on Mull, Scotland. I’ve been trying to practice using my inks and my watercolours for my up and coming holiday to the Isle of Arran. A while ago I bought a travel watercolour pack of halfpans, and I thought if I could master them it would be an easy way to take my art out and about. Since then, I have added some more brushes, some inktense blocks and a gummed  block of watercolour paper to my arsenal, with the very recent edition of a Masquepen masking fluid. I feel all set!

So this latest piece is of the famous houses on Tobermory harbour, taken from a photo from our holiday in August. I really wanted to practice capturing the highlights on the water, and to help me I used my masquepen. 

I know there are areas that could be improved on but I am so thrilled that it doesn’t look like brown slime instead of the sea!


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