Buy cheap, buy twice…

Today has been a stressful, frustrating and disappointing day. Today I got organised and headed out with my portfolio to get my artwork scanned ready to take to a fine art printer. I went to a big name reputable store (whose name I won’t mention as I am awaiting a reply to my email of complaint). After confirming that they could do high quality scans of my work they proceeded to very carefully scan my work onto my flash drive, all in tiff files, but some duplicated as PDFs due to an error in communication-which was fine.  

I was happy until I got home and plugged them into my computer to check them: the quality was awful. More than awful: it looked like a ‘quick print’, with no detail captured, instead giving me a pixilated image, as you might be able to see in the image below. 

Well, that was one of the more cost effective options I had… now I need to look at a more expensive but hopefully better quality option. As the old adage says, buy cheap, buy twice… ain’t that the truth. 

Anyway in an attempt to channel my anger into something positive I am getting ready to start another piece of charcoal art. As always, keep your eyes peeled on here or on Instagram for updates. 

How has your day been?!


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