Watership down


Well, 2016 really is trying to see off quite a few people. One that is sticking in my mind at the moment is Richard Adams author of Watership Down.

This summer my partner and I read this book together. He grew up near to the real Watership Down (it actually really exists!) in Hampshire and was surprised when I said I hadn’t read the book or seen the film. So this year we embarked on reading this together, taking turns a chapter at a time reading out loud to one another, usually at bedtime. I have not read a book this way since childhood and I found it a soothing way to end each day.

Finally once we had finished we went to visit his parents with the idea that we would walk the area and trace the rabbits’ journey as best we could. And it is brilliant! At the site of their starting warren are some inscriptions. We spotted Nuthanger farm, and the crossroads marking Efrafa.

It really is a very good walk. I would recommend the area to any Watership Down or walking fan in general. You can use the map in the books or a map of Kingsclere in Hampshire to help.
RIP Richard Adams, whom I descovered just in time, and who has joined El-ahrairah in his own Owsla.


2 thoughts on “Watership down

  1. hilda5462 says:

    RIP Richard Adams – I have read Watership Down three times, so far, in my life. Beautiful, lovely, deep, book….”My heart has joined the thousand for my friend has stopped running today”. I should think they played “Bright Eyes” at the funeral – did they?


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